Genomics innovation platform for pediatric scoliosis

Genomics innovation platform for pediatric scoliosis

Principal Investigator

Alain Moreau
Université de Montréal and CHU Sainte-Justine


Medtronic and the Fondation Yves-Cotrel – Institut de France

Medical Sector

Musculoskeletal diseases

Technology Area

Diagnostic and prognostic technology

Adolescent scoliosis is a 3D spinal deformity that affects 1-3% of the pediatric population aged 10-18 years. In order to anticipate the onset of progressive scoliosis in adolescents, prognostic tools are needed to provide a more appropriate preventive therapeutic approach to patients. The project aims to test and validate a group of small circulating non-coding RNA molecules (microRNAs) as early predictors of risk of developing severe scoliosis in symptomatic children.

Achievements and impact

The research activities have led to the development of the first tests based on new pharmacological approaches to confirm the early diagnosis of scoliosis and the prevention and treatment of the disease. These diagnostic tests, in the clinical validation stage (ongoing), are showing promising results.

Ultimately, the tool will not only identify children with predispositions in certain at-risk families, but also provide a prediction on the evolution of those already diagnosed.