Continuous postoperative monitoring solution

Continuous postoperative monitoring solution

Artificial intelligence in the interest of health.

Continuous postoperative monitoring solution for children after cardiac surgery.

After cardiac surgery, young patients are managed by the ICU teams. Due to the decrease in monitoring in conventional care, 3% of patients show signs of vital distress and are readmitted. The project aims to provide a continuous, real-time monitoring solution for early detection of signs of deteriorating clinical condition.

Principal Investigator

Philippe Jouvet
CHU Sainte-Justine

Technology Area

Diagnostic and prognostic technology and artificial intelligence technology

Achievements and impact

Leveraging the high-resolution database of the ICU, the team determines the profiles of the highest risk patients, including physiological thresholds for alerts to provide evidence-based treatments to the algorithms. This solution, thought and designed by intensivist physicians, will provide a customizable system for each patient and will be integrated into conventional care units to ensure rigorous follow-up after discharge from the ICU.