ALPHA Particle Radiotherapy Project

ALPHA Particle Radiotherapy Project

Treatment planning system for alpha particle radiotherapy

Principal Investigator

Shirin Enger
Lady Davis Institute and Jewish General Hospital

Industrial partner

Alpha Tau Medical Ltd.

Medical Sector


Technology Area

Therapeutic technology, artificial intelligence technology

Radiation oncologists are looking for innovative treatments that maximize the effect of radiation on tumor cells while sparing surrounding healthy tissue. Recently, a new technique, called alpha emitter scatter radiation therapy (DaRT), has been proposed by Alpha Tau Medical Ltd. To date, no DaRT treatment planning system exists. This project aims to develop software to calculate and deliver an accurate radiation dose for DaRT technology.

Achievements and impact

Drawing on the multidisciplinary expertise of the research team, a unique new patient-specific treatment planning system allows for detailed calculation and planning of the DaRT radiation dose. Optimizing the delivered dose and predicting treatment outcomes will allow patients to receive more precise and accurate treatment, resulting in higher survival rates and improved quality of life.