The TransMedTech Institute has a clear vision:

To be a hub for innovation in medical technologies with an impact and added value for the health of the population and socio-economic development.


It is with this clear vision that we approach our missions of :

  • Support innovation in healthcare technologies that respond to local needs, in order to facilitate and catalyze their development and implementation.
  • Train the next generation of leaders in medical technologies and support the industry and innovation community.
  • Mobilize knowledge and foster a vibrant, dynamic environment that encourages innovation and the adoption of solutions.

To carry out these missions, we have developed a range of services. As a catalyst for MedTech, it’s only natural that these services should be aimed at both academia and industry.

Supporting the development of innovation

Structured support
Customized support
Innovateurs(trices) en résidence
Medtech Innovation Lab


Professional training
Schools for medtech leaders and innovators

Mobilizing knowledge

Networking and events
Promoting a culture of innovation

Press releases


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Open Labs and Innovation Management

Paris School of Business
Valérie Mérindol
David W. Versailles

Press Releases

Press Contacts

Géraldine Dumesnil
Géraldine Dumesnil
Communications Advisor
Karim Zazoui
Karim Zazoui
Communications Advisor