Networking and ecosystem events & Promoting a culture of innovation and equity, diversity and inclusion.

The TransMedTech Institute’s mission is to promote the development and mobilization of knowledge related to its strategic areas, and to foster the outreach of its members.

We support the organization of various activities for both internal and external audiences.

TransMedTech calls on its entire community to build a program of events that are in line with the mission of making innovation an asset for society.

What is knowledge mobilization?

Knowledge mobilization is the exchange and integration of diverse knowledge (research, practices, experiences, and cultures) from the research and development activities of the TransMedTech Institute.

These activities bring together not only researchers and students, but also medical and medtech industry stakeholders, TransMedTech Institute staff, and knowledge users.

This is done in order to mobilize actors and create new forms of knowledge that can be used for action, thus boosting innovation while addressing concerns, needs or problems in the development of medical technologies.

Knowledge mobilization is the result of networking strategies, communities of practice, exchanges and valorization (dissemination and transfer) to create beneficial impacts in Canada and internationally.

TransMedTech promotes the outreach of its ecosystem, notably by supporting the organization of various activities that can be addressed to different audiences.

Types of activities we support:

  • Symposiums
  • Scientific Cafés
  • Colloquia
  • Summer schools
  • Congresses
  • Training activities
  • Workshops
  • Communities of practice
  • Roundtables
  • Etc.

Examples of past activities

TransMedTech Roundtables

The iTMT regularly organizes roundtables bringing together opinion leaders, researchers, entrepreneurs, clinicians, highly qualified professionals and students in order to deepen strategic thinking on the various issues and challenges encountered.

These exchange meetings, which have attracted many participants from all walks of life, take place in the pure spirit of cross-sectoral and transdisciplinary collaboration of the living lab on various themes such as fostering patient engagement, AI in health, commercialization, start-ups as well as connected health.

Québec – Silicon Valley Innovation Webinar Series

Launched in the fall of 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, this webinar series aimed to bring together renowned players from Quebec, the United States (Silicon Valley) and the rest of the world to discuss various issues related to the medtech industry. A first series of four webinars was conducted in close partnership with the Quebec Delegation in San Francisco and the Ministry of Economy and Innovation.

Scientific Cafés

In the spring of 2020, TransMedTech and the Student Committee launched a series of weekly virtual scientific cafés that included the expertise of TransMedTech research chairholders, HQPs, and graduate student fellows.

These virtual meetings have played an important role in keeping the TransMedTech community together and in continuing to mobilize knowledge during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

In total, a dozen scientific cafés and 35 speakers covered many specialized and diverse topics such as nanotechnology, data science, rehabilitation, and chemical and physical engineering in the health sciences.

Translational Biomedical Engineering e-Seminars Series

Since July 2020, the TransMedTech Institute has been supporting, through a videoconferencing platform, the initiative of Prof. Houman Savoji of the Université de Montréal and holder of the TransMedTech Research Chair in 3D Bioprinting and Regenerative Medicine, and his colleague Prof. Mohsen Akbari of the University of Victoria.

Each week, a renowned scientist shares the results of his or her research and answers questions from a community of 2,000 subscribers from around the world.

Since the beginning, more than 90 seminars have virtually attracted an international community from our professional network, and seminar participants continue to feed the exchanges via iTMT’s Twitter and YouTube social networking platforms!

Activity proposal

If you would like TransMedTech support in organizing a knowledge mobilization event, please contact us for detailed procedures and a form to complete.

Services offered

  • Participation in the ideation and development of the event’s flow
  • Logistical support, including sharing advice to ensure the success of the event
  • Reasonable financial support (co-funding), according to certain rules.
  • Promotion of the event to iTMT members and partners
  • Etc.

Applicant eligibility

  • Any researcher who is a member of one of the iTMT’s founding institutions may submit an event project in order to benefit from a support service tailored to his or her needs.

Event eligibility

  • Correspond to the mission of iTMT
  • Fit into one of TransMedTech’s priority medical areas and areas of focus
  • Meet standards of excellence
  • Reach a relevant number of participants from at least two founding institutions
  • Generate a potential of influence and impact within the community

Selection process

  • The event proposal will be evaluated by a subcommittee of the iTMT Scientific Steering Committee according to the criteria established above.
  • A decision will be made as soon as possible after receipt of the application. If accepted, the process of co-development of the event will begin promptly, and the amount of funding and the framework of iTMT support will be specified.