BHM – Black excellence: a heritage to celebrate; a future to build

Institut TransMedTech, in partnership with Polytechnique Montréal, CR-CHUM and Poly-International, is delighted to share with you an inspiring event we organized around the 2024 Black History Month theme: “Black excellence: a heritage to celebrate; a future to build“. The event was an enriching celebration of the history, resilience and outstanding contributions of black people in our ecosystem and around the world.

Our panelists brought interesting perspectives on various aspects of this theme, highlighting often overlooked stories and successes. Here are some of the key insights shared during the discussion led by Christine Paré, PhD, Senior EDI Advisor at Institut TransMedTech:

Ménélika Bekolo, Ing., M.Ing., LL.B., Director at Hitachi Energy | Ing. Énergie et Réseaux Électriques, ambassador for engineering and diversity, spoke of her experience on the various boards of directors (Fondation de Poly, OIQ, SQI) on which she sits, stressing the importance of retaining the leadership successes and representativeness of black people in all fields.

Cloee Mupesse and Roseline Racicot, co-founders and co-presidents of the black medical students’ association at the Université de Montréal, shared their journey of perseverance in creating their association, illustrating the power of determination and collaboration to create a lasting impact in our communities.

Carole Brunet, PhD, postdoctoral researcher, PhD – Inclusive and Sustainable Energy Transition at Polytechnique Montréal, gave us a fascinating overview of the history of Black History, highlighting the great names and invaluable contributions of Black personalities through the centuries.

As black women, our panelists also shared the challenges they face, including the crucial importance of credibility and recognition in a world where stereotypes and prejudice can often hinder career progression. They highlighted the specific challenges faced by black women, highlighting the need for greater visibility and equitable opportunities.

These discussions were deeply inspiring and reminded us of the vital importance of celebrating the excellence of black people, recognizing their rich and diverse heritage, while working together to build a more inclusive and equitable future for all.

Source: Communications Department, Institut TransMedTech