Acfas: building bridges between knowledge and the general public

Resolutely forward-looking, Acfas is a powerful vehicle for democratization and scientific communication. It promotes researchers from all disciplines, as well as excellence in research.

The 90th edition of the ACFAS congress, organized in collaboration with Université de Montréal, HEC Montréal and Polytechnique Montréal, took place from May 8 to 12 on the theme “100 years of knowledge for a sustainable world”.

With over 300 conferences in hybrid format and some 10,000 delegates, this year’s event was a great success.

Institut TransMedTech organized 2 colloquia during the congress, which were held at CHU Sainte-Justine:

Acfas – Colloque 428 – The winning recipe… all about innovation ecosystems in healthcare and beyond

The first, in collaboration with Catherine Beaudry, full professor in the Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering, focused on innovation ecosystems, with the presence of personalities such as Dr. Ted Hewitt, President of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council – Government of Canada, who opened the day with an introduction on the importance of interdisciplinarity for innovation in healthcare. Also in attendance: Paul L’Archevêque, Senior Partner – CapCOGITO and former Chief Innovation Officer, Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services; Luc Sirois, Quebec’s Chief Innovator; Carole Jabet, Scientific Director, Fonds de recherche du Québec – Santé; Kathy Malas, Assistant to the President and CEO, CHUM and Head of Innovation and Artificial Intelligence, CHUM; Fabrice Brunet, President of QIS (Quartier de l’innovation en santé) and many others. We talked about innovation, collaboration, multidisciplinarity, the health of the future, innovative measurement systems and more. In the afternoon, several students presented their projects, illustrating the results of new data and measurement methods.

Acfas – Colloque 219 – Lifelong healthcare: discover the medical technologies in development

The second colloquium was a day devoted to developing medical technologies.

Whether it’s virtual reality to treat remote populations, 3D bioprinting to replace organs, minimally invasive surgeries to treat the various diseases affecting the population, or digital health technologies to reach remote communities, improve patient follow-up and alleviate labor shortages, this symposium highlighted medical technologies of the future that will benefit the population throughout life by offering a better quality of life; technologies stemming from the following three major technological axes: – personalized care and digital health; – interventions of the future; – human repair.

After an inaugural conference featuring a success story by a researcher, a clinician and the president of a start-up company, in this case Starpax Biopharma, a number of industry experts and students presented bold and ingenious ideas for inventing tomorrow’s world. What a day full of discoveries and learning!

A big thank you to all our speakers who helped make these two days a success.

Source: Géraldine Dumesnil Communications Department, Institut TransMedTech