Meet us at Effervescence on May 3rd

A must for the ecosystem

It is with great pride that for the fourth edition of Effervescence, which will take place on May 3rd  and 4th, 2023 at the Marché Bonsecours, the TransMedTech Institute and Polytechnique Montréal are the organizing partners again this year. This annual event is a true beacon in our life sciences ecosystem, which allows us to focus on current issues, highlight best practices and strengthen ties between the various entities. This year, we wish to highlight the importance and necessity of including patients in the development process of new medical technologies with the Centre of Excellence on Partnership with Patients and the Public (CEPPP) as a partner.

Our session: Citizens, essential partners in medical technology research

The objectives of this session are to demonstrate that partnering with patients and citizens is a key element in the development and adoption of medical technologies. We will discover the foundations of the patient partnership, demonstrate the role and transformative potential of this partnership in the context of health innovation through the diversity of possible implications and raise awareness on the added value of patient and citizen involvement as a lever for transformation and improvement of care. The session will take the form of a workshop-discussion between the speakers and the audience, in an interactive way, by presenting concrete examples and testimonies and by offering advice on how to set up a winning partnership strategy with citizens in medical technology research.

The TransMedTech Institute and the engagement of the citizen partner in the innovation journey

In our Living Lab approach, the citizen is an essential part of the project development team. Innovation processes that include patients in their development offer many advantages. It facilitates the identification of real patient needs and by adaptating of proposed solutions. Patients’ voices provide valuable information about their experiences and expectations, which can be used to design more specific and better adapted medical devices.

In addition, involving patients in the development of medical technologies can help facilitate patient adherence to treatments by making them more user-friendly. When patients are engaged and included from the beginning, the project development team can ensure that innovative technologies will meet the needs of all.

In summary, the inclusion of patients in the development of medical technologies is essential in the innovation process to ultimately adopt and improve the effectiveness of treatments and the quality of life of patients.


Source: Karim Zazoui Communication Services, Institut TransMedTech