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On November 29, the Institut TransMedTech and the Hospices Civils de Lyon co-hosted an event at Polytechnique Montréal entitled “Open innovation ecosystems in medical technologies, with and for local players”, as part of the Entretiens Jacques Cartier, the annual France-Québec event. The symposium was part of the “Challenges of innovation and new technologies” section.

After opening remarks by François Bertrand, Director of Research and Innovation at Polytechnique Montréal, Raymond Le Moign, Director of the Hospices Civils de Lyon and Carl-Eric Aubin, Executive and Scientific Director of TransMedTech, the day was divided into 4 major themes, punctuated by presentations, panels and numerous exchanges between Quebec and France, and, we’d like to emphasize, a highly participative audience.

Session 1: Organizational challenges of innovative practices.

Living Lab, entrepreneurship in residence, communities of practice.

Moderated by Pascal Bécache – Co-founder and Business Development Director @d2a, Digital Pharma Lab, France With Patrick Cohendet – Full professor and co-director of the Mosaic cluster, HEC Montréal Gérald Comtet – Director, Open-Lab en santé Cluster I-Care, Lyon, France Armelle Dion – Director of Innovation, Hospices Civils de Lyon, France Annie Passalacqua – Doctoral student in technology and innovation management in the mathematics and industrial engineering department at Polytechnique Montréal, research associate at MOSAIC

Session 2: agile and responsible management.

Management resources, intersectorality, cybersecurity.

Moderated by Philippe Jouvet – Full Professor, Faculty of Medicine – Department of Pediatrics, UdeM and CHU Ste-Justine, Montreal With Nathalie Tremblay – President, Gestion Neve, Montreal Peggy Leplat-Bonnevialle – Head of Innovation & Partnerships, Hospices civils de Lyon, France Frédéric Bove – General Manager, Prompt, Montreal

Session 3: Product development challenges and value-adding mechanisms.

Data access, IP, regulatory aspects.

Moderated by Marie-Pierre Faure – Assistant Director – Living Lab, Partnerships and Special Projects, Institut TransMedTech de Montréal With Florence Agostino-Etchetto – Managing Director of Lyonbiopôle, France Tuba Yamaç – Partner, Patent Agent at BCF LLP, Montreal Stéphane Grynjwac – International technology and business lawyer, Cabinet S. Grynwajc, France

Session 4: Equity, diversity and inclusion.

Moderated by Neila Kaou, R&D Development and Partnership Advisor, Office of Partnerships and Research Infrastructure, Polytechnique Montréal With Alain Bakayoko – Director – Commercialization and Innovation, Life Sciences and Health Technologies, PME Montréal Philippe Michel – Director of User Quality and Population Health, Hospices Civils de Lyon, France Isabelle Dadon – Deputy Quality Director and Director of Public Health, Hospices Civils de Lyon, France Frantz Saintellemy – President and COO, LeddarTech and Chancellor of the Université de Montréal Carl-Éric Aubin – Executive and Scientific Director, Institut TransMedTech, Montreal

Almost a year’s transatlantic work culminated in this fantastic day of learning, which closed with a message full of enthusiasm and hope from Armelle Dion, Director of Innovation at Hospices Civils de Lyon.

Exchanging ideas, learning from experience, improving processes and building new bridges together, and above all taking to heart and encouraging innovation for a more humane tomorrow! Many thanks again to all our panellists, speakers and participants. We look forward to seeing you next year in Lyon!

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Photo credit: Caroline Perron Source: Géraldine Dumesnil Communications Department, Institut TransMedTech